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Vampire Lord Sebastian Arsov is everything Katja has ever wanted. Unfortunately, after ten years of servitude as his blood slave she’s being returned to mortal society. In order to experience a night in his bed she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. Disguised by a hint of magic, Katja enters Sebastian’s chambers to immerse herself in pleasures she’s been long denied. Before the sun rises she’ll discover what it’s like to be loved by the man who’s weaved his way into her heart—mind, body and soul—even as she succumbs to the bite that will end her life.


Tonight I will have him, my master and vampire lord. And tonight I will die.

As a blood slave I have never known passion or pleasure. We are never to know what it means to be taken into bed. Our virginal blood is our worth, given in exchange to the lords who offer the most lucrative bargain for ten years of our servitude. When the time is served, our minds are cleansed of the past and we are allowed to return to the dregs of a society that know nothing about them.

Most blood slaves are born of the human families who—for generations—have served the lords and ladies of the keep in a place hidden within the mortal realm. These most cherished servants are treated with the utmost respect, for their bloodlines nourish and provide for their keepers and ensure survival.

Then there are those like me.

Mortal females snagged from a life of poverty, desolation and misery. There is no choice for us. Once we’ve been marked, all that is required is an unexpected happenstance with The Collector to seal our fate. The vampire slave hunter is known for his exceptional eye for beauty and grace, as well as his ability to see the aura of purity as it radiates from the source.

Although I resisted my entrapment, spewing every vile word in my vocabulary and demanding to be released, it wasn’t long before I met my Shellar—the stunning male who paid the price for my companionship and thereby held all rights where I was concerned.

Lord Sebastian Arsov.

It seemed destined that we should meet, as though it was meant to be. The moment I laid eyes on him, I knew I would never be able to fight that which would occur regardless. With thick white-blond hair, vivid and impossibly bright mushroom blue eyes, a face beautiful enough to grace heaven and a chiseled body that moved with such intent and precision he actually appeared to ripple, Sebastian was unlike anyone or anything I’d ever seen.

Yet it was his tenderness in that first, tentative contact between us that proved to be my undoing. He enraptured and enthralled me, and I knew I had to be with him. No matter the price, regardless of the cost.